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Proton Automation has been established in 2006 for providing high technology, modernity and safety to our industry. Our mission is to serve a qualified service not only high technological but also economical and safe way. Proton Automation has been serving majorly in cable and hot rolling mill automation systems, besides all industrial automation sectors. Also it has been providing equipments, application, software, montage and commissioning services, those are supposed to be done by an automation and engineering firm. Proton Automation staff consists of software staff, application staff those are ready to serve at any time and any place.
About Us As Electrical and Electromechanical Company, we produce all the designs that the market needs. With our professional AR-GE and our 30-person expert team, we can design according to your needs with the sheet metal types you want (SHEET METAL GALVANIZED ALUMINUM DKP) Tekniksat Electrical and Electromechanical are ready to become the leading companies in the metal sector in line with the market and the wishes of our customers. Mission To ensure the continuity of our company thanks to a structure composed of hardworking, dynamic, honest and beloved people, to create a peaceful commercial environment based on the satisfaction of all of our stakeholders, to perfect the production process by utilizing new and technological equipments and to eliminate the time lost, to ensure that all kind of product reaches our customers. Vision By continuously renewing our production line according to the latest technological developments and adapting to the most innovative and creative trends seen in the sector all over the world, we are able to meet the demands of our customers with our own designs in the best way; It is also always an entrepreneurial and competitive institution to take active roles in local and national markets.
Baltech Switches is manufacturer of mechanic and electronic switches and sensors for the automotive market. It offers its customers a wide range of products with over 1600 references delivering equivalent performance and quality to that of OEM parts. Product range includes Oil Pressure Switches and Transmitters, Temperature and Pressure Sensors, Stop-Light and Reversing Light Switches.Temperature and Radiator Fan Transmitters, Pneumatic and Hydraulics Sensors, Concrete Mixer Sensors and Heavy Construction Vehicles Sensors and all type of Custom Switches and Sensors. Owing to its dedicated employees, deeply specialized in their fields and its outstanding technology, the company has become a preferred supplier in the local and global markets. Equipped with the latest machinery and test devices , the facility has an annual capacity of more than 1.2 Million Switches&Sensors.
Our firm has been founded in Hadimkoy /Istanbul in 1993. From its foundation to 2000, the firm carries its business on manufacturing extrusion, pasting and cutting dies and hydraulic machine. After that year, the firm made a beginning in the energy and electric sector. It expanded its products and started manufacturing the low and medium voltage pylons, wall box and energy transmission line laterals. Besides, with the increase in demand of the polygon fractal conic lamppost, the order of Lampposts, Projector Posts, Flagstaffs, Antenna and Transmitter Poles and the Mobile Electronic System Integration (MOBESE) Security Camera Posts embody our whole manufacture. So in line with these demands, we've modernized ourselves and our machine park and formed new machines, new production lines and new engineer staff and founded a project- follow up department. We've branded Kule Direk in Turkey and in most countries of the world. As you know, it takes temporarily progressing and keeping up the quality high to keep the sustainability in any market and to put the customer satisfaction ahead. So being Kule Direk, to be able to compete in the World market with this conscious and belief, we go on as an innovative firm that follows the technology constantly and likes working steel with an ambitious qualified staff and we know that belief is the secret of our standing and progressing. Along with the manufacturing, Kule Direk firstly raised its own business development and personal skills both about engineers and in intermediate staff and in raising masters in the factory and with some seminars and courses. Kule Direk raised so many people by raising its product quality and still goes on doing that in a school vision. We are glad to work with you, our partners, today and tomorrow like we were yesterday.
Oriental Electronic company, which was established in 1985, designs and produces wireless communication systems and provides high quality wireless sound systems to be used in local areas where these services are needed such as schools, mosques, municipalities, industrial facilities and military areas with the production of Orient Wireless Sound System Products and Wireless Announcement Systems.

Our company carries out its activities in accordance and in compliance with ISO 9000 quality management standards, follows technological developments closely with its qualified and experienced technicians and engineers in order to continue developing new products, and provides new dimensions to the sector with “Research and Development” works in order to develop a greater variety of products.

The aim of Oriental Electronic is to become a leading company in the wireless sound sector on a national and international scale, always be a leading figure of the sector, invest in the production of superior products and never disappoint those who have put their trust in us.


- Mosques
- Municipalities
- Schools
- Military installations
- Industrial Sites
- Holiday villages and hotels
- Cemeteries
- Villages and small towns
- Factories
- Gasoline Stations
- Sightseeing Boats
- Parks and Leisure Areas
- Markets
- Hospitals (External Areas)

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TEKON was found in 2009 and established in Bursa. We are offering high standard products ,excellent engineering design, fast after sales service and R&D development with more than 20 years experience. Our aim is to provide our products in a better conditions to our clients in order to their needs of physical parameter measure , electronic controllers, transmitters and its related devices. To be able to proceed on this way , we care of human resources and selecting the eligible supplier to be selective producer. We keen on team work to be responsible, honest , reformer in our business. We are providing our team workers to your their experience, skills and supporting them to extend their capability. By trusting the R&D ability and quality we started to produce our products to be a leader of its sector. We know the importance of R&D, using all sources to improve the quality and paying extra attention in every each products since we started the business. As a brand name, we realize the manner of customer satisfaction as its our first rule, we are always ready to support customers with our qualified products, supporting them technically ,fast action of after sales services .Manner of being honest and reliable producer , we train our team to perform the best solutions to our customers .We conscious of timing, we are target on offering products and services in a fastest way by keeping some stocks and act as fast as we can . Being a cooperative company, we adopt ISO9001 Quality standards and keep it up to date to carry on our production and every departments. Our effort has already been rewarded in a very short time by the leader of well known producers such as Iron-Steel, Cement, Chemical, Glass, Plastic, Textile and Food factories. We take part on the first of their best supplier.